Balance – What is it? 7 Tips on How to Survive the Imbalance

Balance – What is it?  7 Tips on How to Survive the Imbalance

Personally, I think there are times in life where the concept of balance falls under the “well, wouldn’t that be nice” heading. The reality is that there are times when you have balance, and times when you do not. Striving for perfection becomes a lifestyle, rather than a project, and there will be days when you achieve that balance more than others.

For those times when you feel like you are juggling chainsaws with a Pomsky jumping onto your crotch (the Pomsky jumping happens a lot in my house, paws like stilettos!), here are a few tips to try:

  1. Breathe – Sounds simple, but it’s more important than you might think. Set time aside. Walk around. Meditate (if you have that opportunity).
  2. Music – Taking time to sing a song or play an instrument is a great outlet. You can do it in the car on your way to an event. Bringing focus to something that you love allows the stress to melt away.
  3. Thankfulness – practicing thankfulness can foster an appreciation for things you may take advantage of that are always readily available. Find anything but spend time being thankful.
  4. Temporary – Remind yourself that this is just for a while. Time can be an illusion filled with moments and hours or filled with mere seconds.
  5. Future Remy- Lists are fantastic and required in times like these. When possible make specific items “Future Remy’s Problems,” then write it down and put it away for another day when you can spare the time.
  6. Support – Appreciate your support and create time for them. They are struggling as much as you!
  7. Plan – Try to keep one thing consistent. Routine can maintain “normalcy” in times of chaos. Small things like taking 5 mins to be still will allow you to clear your mind to find your next step.

You got this! Chances are the problems you are experiencing have solutions.
They may not be the solutions you like, but save the worrying for problems that don’t have a resolution.

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  1. Nice read here Jeremy and I like the artwork to match the advice. Juggling chainsaws never looked so easy….the watercolor look and brightness mixed with your color choice gives the appearance of hopefulness resolution to this daunting act rather than impending peril.

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