When is a Good Time to Start Yoga?

When is a Good Time to Start Yoga?

To answer this question directly: Now!

The long answer to this question is below.

Often, as a yoga instructor, people tell me “l can’t do yoga” and followed with:
• I’m not flexible
• I have an injury
• It’s just breathing, right?
• Ummm, yeah. No!

Some of these might be valid reasons, and one of the principles of yoga is listening to your body. If you see an instructor fold themselves in half, then in quarters, and slide themselves into a wallet the size of credit card and you can’t reach your toes, don’t force yourself. Listen to your body. I start my classes by explaining some general “Golden Rules.”

My Golden Rules of Yoga:

1) Yoga is not a competition- You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing, you need to explore the posture as to where you are right now. Some days will be more accessible and others days will be difficult. It’s okay its just where you are at right now.

2) Yoga is a practice- A meditation in motion where you can follow a routine, an instructor, or just move and see where you go. For me, I will relax in these moving meditations, lose myself in the moment, and just be. Have fun and Yes Breathe!

3) Yoga is a release- A time where you slow down and focus on one thing at a time can create a space that could break down a survivor mode wall, allowing a release of emotion or other energy blocks to occur.

4) Yoga is acceptance- Be it physically, mentally, and emotionally, yoga will enable you to explore what you can do in an environment that is supportive and safe.

5) Yoga is for everyone- Just like there are many different types of people, there are many kinds of yoga. It is all about picking the right class, modifications, and accepting where you are right now on your journey.

You can do yoga! You may need a chair, a strap, a block, 5,000 blankets to support you and an eye pillow (lavender scented, of course, we aren’t animals.) But; you can practice yoga. It takes practice.

Start small, be consistent, explore, relax, and have fun!

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