Top Ten Things to Remember When Surviving a Holiday…You Dislike.

Top Ten Things to Remember When Surviving a Holiday…You Dislike.

I am a happy person, and most people would think the Holiday Season is my bag. It’s not. I have many reasons for not liking the holidays, but in case you are like me, here are some things I use to survive them.

10. Acknowledge – Be upfront about how you feel about the holidays with your friends. Admit you have a problem.
9. Honesty – Don’t lie. Lying just makes it worse. There is a line between honest and making people miserable. So be respectful to those who love this time of year.
8. New Tradition- Create your new tradition that causes less pain. Be original.
7. Don’t Hate – Remember hate is a strong word. You don’t hate, you dislike. It’s less offensive… to others.
6. Gift Simply – Keep it small, usable, and practical. I make candles.
5. Alone Time – When needed take some alone time. Reflection time is helpful.
4. Stress Relief – I use Rescue Remedy & St. Johns Wort.*
3. Plan Ahead – Make sure you have a balance for you. Don’t overbook and take the next day for yourself.
2. Chocolate! – Stock up, have it handy, just don’t overdo it.
1.  Time – It’s just time, it will pass and New Year’s Eve is right around the corner…you got this.

* I’m not a doctor, so check with yours before taking any supplements.

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