Tidy Intentions

  Before an adventure like tidying up, it is good to set an intention. A great practice, not only to manifest your outcome but to create a path to your destination. 

This subject has come up many times through many classes. So before starting tidying up here are some thoughts on the subject:

  • Energy dispersion – the theory that the more stuff you have, the more your energy is stretched out beyond those items. 
  • Attachments – are the items from your past holding you to an older version of yourself that is no longer helpful?
  • Organized Chaos – I had a system. I knew where everything is and how to find them. There’s a point where one can have too many items that you can’t keep track of it all. A sign of this is when you know you have a pair of scissors but can’t find them so you buy another pair.
  • ”But I might need it” – when I left my house my funds and resources were scarce, and so I would hold on to things in case I needed them. Many times when I let go of something the next day I would need them. This issue I hope to remedy.

My intentions:

  • Organized space so I can find things
  • Not need to spend more time looking for stuff than doing my projects
  • A functional workspace 
  • Cleaner clearer living space
  • Peacefulness
  • To learn how to let go 
  • Make a Hard change
  • A better homier home

Several years ago I went to a reader’s house, and the moment I arrived on her street to the moment I entered her eucalyptus scented home. I felt like I was in a sacred place of magic, and power. I want my home to be a place of power and magic. A place where my imagination lives and breathes. Where all are welcome and feel like they are home. These are my tidy intentions. 

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