Stage I: Clothing

Closet: Before

Memories, energy, and flashes they come to me depending on what I touch during readings. In my life this gift allowed me to invest in the items that people have given me to hold on to those memories. The feelings of joy I would feel with them around me. They would transport me to that time and place.

So now you might be thinking, why would I want to get rid of all these items?

As I go through all my clothes and create piles and piles and piles of clothing I asked myself a few things.

  • Wow, do I really have this much in clothes?
  • How did I get all of this?
  • When did I have legs for short shorts?
  • What will I do with all these clothes?
  • Could I possibly ever wear this many clothes?
  • Will I ever have legs for short shorts?

Toward the middle and end of this process, I realized that I no longer needed a shirt to remember the important people in my life. I also did not need baskets full of clothes I avoided wearing because they didn’t feel “just right.” Why keep those socks that fall to halfway down your foot 1 hour into the day? Perhaps it’s time to stop holding on to things because it’s wasteful to get rid of things that have a purpose. Holding on to purposeful things that do not serve you well is wasteful.

Don’t get me wrong. This process is challenging but after four full laundry bags several garbage bags. The results included an absurd amount of t-shirt, hats, shoes, pants I have never worn, and countless other not used items that have just been sitting around. Are gone.

The bedroom now feels lighter, freer and space feels calm. Finding clothes to wear is faster, and knowing anything I grab will feel good. It’s a great feeling.

Closet: Empty with new shelves

It is far from over, but it’s a start. A start I hope to a new better journey.

Closet: After and organized


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