Old Chapter…New Life, Back to Diamond Hill

Original cover (estimate 1980s)

When I was young, I wanted to escape. I would hide from my siblings at the bottom of the dark and quiet linen closet. Surrounded by pillows and comforters, I would close my eyes and travel far away into the land of my imagination.

It was always there, just beyond my closed eyes. Over the years, there were invitations to expand my mind from grade school assignments to combine different animals to create a new animal to stories of the “Chronicles of Narnia” that just opened those doors a little bit more. Imagination is my superpower! I can feel the wind on my face as I fly through the land, hear the voices of all the tongues spoken, feel their desires and joys, and drink in the marvelous landscape’s calming beauty.

I would explore, go on adventures, and learn the history of my imaginary land. It seems to have a life of its own. At times it appears to be the source of my inspiration, my guide, my friend.

Lately, like a guardian angel, it has been dropping signs. Some are blatant in my face, and others peek at me through the corner of my eye. If I look back, it has always been there for me, just waiting. Now maybe it’s time, to revisit, share old drawings – reimagine new ones, learn new stories, and be even more inspired by the Land of Diamond Hill.

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